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Diary of an Explorer at the Tugen Hills…

Day 6: Touring Kipsacho!!

We embarked on another day of adventure as William accompanied us on a tour of the other side of the Kir Dam. He took us to the most beautiful and serene picnic locations and even suggested several camping sites.

We then made our way to a nearby area called Kipsacho. There we were met by the chief of kipsacho, who accompanied us to our venture of climbing Mt.kipsacho. We were very fortunate to get another amazing view of the northern rift and not to mention the house of former president Moi.  The view was extraordinary yet quite different from that of Mt. Morop but not any less amazing. I must admit the climb to the top of Mt. Kipsacho was more arduous than I had perceived it to be. The trail, albeit short, is steep and slippery. While taking a much needed rest on top of the mountain that stands 2,107 meters above sea level, Mr. William and the chief entertained us to folk tales of the Tugen people living in and around kipsacho. We were privileged to be informed of the fact that we are the first people from Nairobi and Mombasa to have climbed Mt. Kipascho.

We had the great opportunity of viewing an ancient tree (ficus sycomorus) shrine, a unique tree that has been protected within the confines of less than an eighth of an acre. That particular area is so precious, the elders possess a securely guarded title deed. This sacred tree is symbolic to the local community, and before setting off on a journey people usually pray for a safe journey after which they place a stone on or beside the tree.  There are certain periods in the year where you’ll be able to notice heaps of stones on/by the tree. A very interesting sight indeed.

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